Weather October Ireland – breezy wet start, dry ok middle and possible wet end

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The latest weather outlook that can been seen according to reading the weather charts first hand is a rather windy or breezy view days pretty much most noticed in the west and north of Ireland but for all areas at times with some heavy passing rain showers looking like from the north or north-west.

Middle of October 2020 in Ireland looks like it may get a few good dry days and nights due to high pressure building from the south but this may lead to inland frost at night for some areas as the winds look set to turn calm for a short while or day or two at least.

Temperatures look around average for the time of year overall. maybe even at bit above on two or three days during the middle of the month.

Last few days of October or leading into November looks like low pressure systems might move over Ireland from the north feeling a good bit cooler with some heavy rain or hail showers.

Looks like this low pressure could already be creeping in Ireland’s direction slightly due to high pressure in the artic ocean and Alaska, Canada areas that might build up to much and make a blocking high which in contrast could bring a few bad scattered showers near Ireland with hail around Halloween or just after.

It’s very hard to say for sure, beyond then November looks cooler, a lot of dry but maybe even a lot of frost, possible to be widespread near the middle.

This is only an outlook so don’t take it 100% but just let’s wait and see what happen’s