Snow want’s to fall in Ireland for December 2020

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We have been watching the weather charts over Ireland and the UK much more often than usual since September and what we have noticed is that the cold wants to stay in Ireland before winter even started.

We have been getting very cold days or intervals which seems like a good proper winters weather day early in autumn due to the jet stream sinking further south of Ireland than normal.

The difference between then and now is that the heavy rain that we are getting in November has much higher chances of falling as snow also with the help of the jet stream that we think will push an area of deep low pressure from Greenland and Iceland towards Ireland and crashing with high pressure which will result in some sort of snow fall over Ireland around the first two weeks of December 2020 – generally the North-west looks like the worst to be affected due to the cold snap hitting from this direction .

If this outcome doesn’t work then the only other would look like a severe frost country wide .
Let’s just wait and see for now ..