Snow Devil Janurary 23 2021 – Ireland part two ?

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According to a lot of people in past times but we are not going deep into it now because we want to focus on the weather pattern in Ireland but who remembers the film the number 23 and that is just a picture that we took off the top of our head or mind right now ha.

The latest world weather chart’s and the Irish national weather service is more or less saying that cold air is going to come down from the North pole area around next week and next weekend with Saturday the 23 January 2021 in question looking like a day when it will be snow fall in Ireland, but possibly heavy and causing problems is the reason why we talk about the number 23 ?

Looking back into the past in winter in Ireland during year 1962-1963 being one of the worst winters in memory.

One of the worst days of the worst winters in Ireland during December 1962-63 started to be noticed mostly around the 18th December 1962 when a crazy rise in sea level pressure started in Russia as an Artic ridge and then slowly extended into Northern Europe.

The point of our story is that on the 23 December 1962 Eastern winds started moving in over Ireland due to the same weather set up and made temperatures drop by nearly 7-8 degrees by day and a wide spread frost and zub zero by night.

The same cold spell killed people all around Europe just around the 23 December 1962 with lows of -10 in France or less in other parts of Europe.

The polar vortex has split in the last two weeks which is in between the dates of December 23 and Janurary 23.

Winter 2010 and 2018 seen the same weather pattern cause bad snow in Ireland so it can happen now-a-days and it will happen again and just when is the question.

Heavy Snow 2021 news – Spain seen it’s most snow feet level on record in some not normal area’s of over 30cm, Scotland and parts of the UK got hit by heavy snow for the last two weeks.

Nobody really know;s for sure what way the cold will go because of this strange weather event in winter and it can get nasty with some people even suggesting that the reason why the jet stream keeps going South every year the last few years even despite that the world is warming is because the Earth wants to go back into a mini ice age but us human;s are stopping the process and this is why you get huge cold snaps and huge heat waves in summer from the battle with the cold and hot.

We could even go deeper into this but we will leave it for another day – Thank’s for reading and think what you want to think ..

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