Snow & cold weather to return to Ireland this weekend

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Latest charts are suggesting that Ireland will be going back into a very cold spell of weather from Saturday this weekend with an Eastern Air flow starting to feed in wintry scattered showers of rain, hail, sleet and snow originated from Scandinavian and Sibiria.

The wintry showers will at first manly affect the east coast and north of Ireland but by during the middle of next week there is a high chance of them becoming more widespread and heavy at times even on lower levels.

It will feel much colder than it is now by Saturday and for next week with zub zero lows at night with frost and highs of only around 3-7 degrees by day but feeling colder than it actually is.

There is also a chance of a separate area of deep low pressure from the North Atlantic Ocean feeling in heavy rain with strong winds from the west by the end of next weekend in February 2021 that could turn to heavy snow fall across the country as it meets the colder air from the east.

If this separate low pressure does also move in from the west then it would also be something similar to what happened in Ireland in January and the UK when the milder air met the colder air and dumped a fair amount of snow on lower levels.

If it does happen it will also be a lot more stormy in nature than January was in general.

We will just have to wait and see for now if it happens but it’s looking more like it will than it won’t as it currently Stands.

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