September looks ok first half but stormy second for Ireland

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The latest weather chart’s are saying that Ireland will get one or two sunny day’s in Ireland for the beginning of September 2020 but mostly in the east overall.

High pressure which most year’s is over Ireland in September will be for a very short while at least and is really trying to stay longer but for some reason this summer round the jet stream is very active over Ireland more south of Ireland than normal for the time of year prolonged which has lead to heavy rain many day’s through-out summer 2020 as a whole.

So the same kind of story here according to the latest charts that the jet stream is going to swing south over Ireland again for the second half of September and wipe the high pressure away with a northern wind direction and rain but how much rain is the bigger question right now but a lot and not light if all go’s to plan as the chart’s say so.

If this go’s ahead it will be also due to the high pressure that will bring the nice bit of sun in the start of september sink more north than normal into Greenland which will make a blocking high and resulting in much cooler weather for the time of year and even feeling like a winter’s night some evening’s with possible grass frost late september inland.

Let’s wait and see but currently it’s not looking good , even a possible named storm end of september and leading into the start of October.

This is just an out-look so let’s wait and see !!