No big change in the weather in Ireland for July

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The weather in Ireland is mostly over-cast with scattered rain showers, some heavy but the latest weather charts are pointing to not much of a change overall.

The jet stream has been flowing way down much more south of Ireland the last few weeks at times which is keeping low pressure systems over Ireland from the north and north-west up to now.

You may notice how it’s very windy at times and this is partly due to the jet stream over Ireland and more south than normal for the time of year overall.

This looks set to not change much with more heavy rain at times due to high pressure that looks to form over Greenland that may make a blocking weather system that could stall some heavy rain over Ireland during July at times.

It will still be warm and even very warm due to cloud cover and highs up to 19-24 degrees in July.

Second half of July looks better for great weather and possible high pressure moving in from the south of Ireland – watch this space.

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