Irish weather view Feb 2021 till March 2021

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We are going to tell it from the heart here relating to the weather forecast and what we think has been happening since Christmas day 2020 and slightly progressing up till now bit by bit, and even bit by bit it can be seen on the computer world weather charts if you look close enough every few days or so to make sure your not seeing junk.

When we say junk we actually really mean junk that the world weather forecast models are putting out which won’t happen and proberly never will for the next million years so take it from that in story telling mode.

What we have seen since around Christmas is that the GFS world weather model was hinting at snow and a lot since then, also a storm around end of Jan, into Feb – some of this has come true in fairness.

We taught we where going to see a storm or deep area of low pressure around the second week of Feb coming the North-west towards Ireland and then came the mini beast from the East and storm Darcy to block it from becoming true, only the 07th of Feb now so still time enough.

We also talked about milder air from the South in March 2021 in a post we still have active from the 25th of December as a screen shot photo post on our Facebook which you can check if you wish and have an interest in the weather as much as a lot of our followers.

When we talk about mild air we also mean other weather events trying to happen but it’s a long story like all weather stories – so we will try tell you some of this ?

The mild air in March could be current signs happening today 7th Feb 2021 on the GFS world weather charts showing a possible blocking high in the North Alantic ocean near the end of Feb 2021 due to milder Southern air trying hard to push up with the too strong SSW Polar pocket of air from the East as of recent.

Cut the long story short – we also said that the jet stream was going to become so weak like it was never seen in a long time in that same post – everything is starting to happen and sometimes when the milder air is starting to win before it happens the charts will show a big snow event, because the charts are as unsure as we are in tricky terms as of that right now as it stands with the eastern winds.

So yes there could be more snow and heavy from the East near end of Feb into early March due to milder air from the South forming high pressure trying to win and push up into Greenland and let part of the Polar air mass, jet stream and SSW bring it towards Ireland or that general dirrection.


We talked about Ebola, Virus and how the weather could be related to many, so well if the season or the Winter in the South turns really bad and by super chance , example of desert sands getting poured over your car or house in the UK and Ireland is little to none.

But what is the chance of a world wide virus being declared not a state of emerency in March 2016 and according to the Mozambique city of Beira , Africa was hit by a Cyclone storm with heavy rains and winds up to 177km – After that the storm moved West and even flight’s where cancelled.

So what way did the lows and winds go after that storm – Did they send mild air that could shoot towards to Alantic ocean making a fake high pressure like the ones that show up on the charts the last few years but happen more often now.

Sometimes what happens when people say milder air is going to come from the South like us, it actually makes a big snow event before the proper heat wave in late March for Ireland and the UK is set in stone as we said since December 2020 Christmas day.

Thanks for following and don’t take this to the heart, it’s only an opinion, nothing else..