Ireland is stuck in the middle of a weather war zone even in Summer

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Ireland is stuck in the middle of a weather war zone even in Summer

The weather is a real long story for Winter the last few years for part’s of Ireland, the UK, Canada, North America, Alaska, Europe and other’s close by etc at the moment due to a ‘SSW’ warming of colder air that is meant to be cold all Winter long and every Winter in the Artic circle or North pole area in general and on average for hundreds of years, if not thousands.

When rainfalls in Ireland it is due to low pressure and when a storm happens it is due to deeper low pressure which is stronger in nature.

The Polar vortex which you hear about a lot in the news is an basically a circle of air that circles around the Artic circle and North pole area in general but can move in the wrong direction into northern Europe or North America which can result in snow events happening here that wouldn’t normally.

When this sudden milder air makes a warming happen above the cloud’s high in the sky in the North pole also due to shift changes in the polar jet stream it cause’s the Polar Vortex to sometimes split in two and become two very deep low pressure systems which in past years have pushed much colder Artic polar air down in a northly direction over Ireland and the UK causing heavy snow fall country wide.

This was the story over Ireland in 2010 and 2018 and this was largely due to what we just talked about.

Another problem Ireland has last few years and is getting stranger by the year is the Jet stream that is like a barrier from the polar air in the north and the milder air in the south in Ireland – Sometimes this is why they call Ireland the sunny south-east because of this reason as well.

The Jet stream is also the reason which has been acting strange in recent years in causing really wet summers in Ireland and the UK.

That is only some of the story and problems Ireland might face in the future with weather event’s but we will talk about that another day.

Ireland is in the border of the Northern Jet stream but their is four jet streams on Earth in total.

The fact that Ireland is where it is right in the path or stream of the Jet stream is not good in any terms except for the fact that it will bring us plenty of drinking rain water from clouds being pushed half way across the Atlantic ocean and beyond partly due to the strong jet stream and west winds.

This is with-out even talking about the Gulf stream or North Atlantic current that keeps Ireland and Europe milder overall and possibly stopping us from going back into an ice age or mini ice age in Europe at least.

Tests have shown that this is also on the weaker side but not enough to stop it working for a long time.

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