Good & bad of the future Irish summer

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Blocking high pressure for Ireland which is high pressure forming in the North Atlantic ocean and Greenland areas mainly coming from the south but not always.

When it sits in the right spot it can stay for a good while and block out the normal western air from the Atlantic ocean that on average brings a fair amount of wind and rain through the year for Ireland and the UK being anytime of year.

The Polar jet stream can also drag extra low pressure systems or storms towards Ireland at times as well but we won’t go into much detail about the jet stream for now, maybe another day.

So getting to the main point of this article ?

We alone think that due to the North Atlantic ocean being cooler the last few years properly due to the ice melting in Greenland and flowing South into the North Atlantic ocean cooling the water as it go’s with the flow.

We think due to this colder water that is not really meant to be here in the ocean, it could stop high pressure or a blocking high forming properly in the decades ahead from the South and maybe even giving up and letting low win due to this alone.

The bad result of this is that a lot of the summers ahead in Ireland will be much more cloudy, overcast or raining a lot.

The last few summers in Ireland have seen a lot of rain and even heavy at times but this won’t help and it’s already happening now as we right this article.

At least this time and due to the nature of this article the Polar jet stream could actually bring sunny hot air from the South more than the famous high pressure does from the Azores near Portugal.

That is what you call a good weather story where it can still be summer in Ireland with-out high pressure and due to the help of crazy mad Polar jet stream.

Bet you never taught of it that way.

Never say never..