Cold air is starting to move towards Ireland and the UK

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Looking at the latest live weather charts on our website at on Saturday 06th of February 2021 you can see the bitter cold air mass is moving ever closer to Ireland and the UK from the East and North-Eastern direction originally formed in Polar Scandinavian area’s.

The full effect of the cold air mass should be felt in Ireland by Sunday evening and snow on higher ground in Wicklow is highly likely by this stage coming in from the Irish Sea.

Monday 8th February and Tuesday ,Wednesday looks to see some isolated snow showers moving into mainly Dublin,Wicklow and kildare from the Irish sea at times.

Monday ,Tuesday ,Wednesday and Thursday will be bitter cold as the cold air mass from the East will be fully over Ireland with daytime temperatures trying hard to get above 3 or 4 degrees and overnight lows during this period of minus 3 to 5 degrees.

Frost and ice looks to be wide spread for the week ahead.

Thursday into Friday as mentioned in our past article looks like the worst day for heavy snow Country wide due to low pressure in the West of Ireland from the North Atlantic Ocean mixing with the cold Eastern air to the East over Ireland making the the heavy rain from the West turn to possible heavy snow.

Once again it looks highly likely but it’s very hard as of now to get the exact timing which is hard to pinpoint predict sometimes for certain areas.

Beyond that and into the following weekend it looks like a short dry spell that could make any lying snow last longer with no rain to wash it away before more snow could return from the East again but we will just have to wait and see for now.

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