Beast from the East may return to Ireland in March

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Polar air originating from the artic circle may return to Ireland during March 2021 due to high pressure building over Greenland and the Atlantic Ocean that will form a blocking high in the North Atlantic Ocean stopping the normal milder western weather systems from being the main player for Ireland.

Latest weather charts are suggesting high pressure is trying to build in the Atlantic Ocean and Greenland.

The resent polar cold air that will be retreating slowly from America over the next few days may make a rebound affect in the artic circle with the polar vortex as it fully retreats and then send it in the opposite direction towards northern Europe.

This remains to be seen for now but if it does happen you will see zub zero temperatures across northern Europe,the UK and Ireland with heavy snow fall in places at times.

If this weather pattern does work out the way we are saying it will be a really bitter cold first half of March and a much milder second half.